Smiths Medical SurgiVet® Advisor® Vital Signs Monitor, Recertified

Smiths Medical SurgiVet® Advisor® Vital Signs Monitor, Recertified

Brand: Smiths Medical
Item Number: 9200 R
Condition: capnographersRecertified
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The Advisor® Vital Signs Monitor offers flexibility in multi-parameter monitoring. Core parameters and a host of options allow the monitor to be tailored to patients' needs, neonate to adult.

Combine the intuitive interface, integrated carrying handle and high-resolution display with the optional rechargeable battery and dual trace printer to create a highly versatile monitoring solution.

Product Features:

  • Parameters include; 3 Lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, 2-Channel IBP, Temperature
  • Optional parameters of 5-lead ECG, invasive pressure/temperature and capnography

Product Benefits:

  • 10-inch Large, bright color display
  • Multiple options available
  • NOW COMPATIBLE with ProVation® Medical’s MultiCaregiver information management system which allows data collected by the Advisor® during procedures such as endoscopies and minor surgeries to be downloaded in real time to MultiCaregiver’s procedure log and subsequently interfaced with a facility’s electronic medical records.

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP)
Competitively superior non-invasive blood pressure technology is clinically validated for veterinary use on both large and small animals. Provides accurate blood pressure readings to include difficult patients such as cats.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)
3 and 5 Lead monitoring capabilities with options to select lead specific viewing (I, II , III , V, aVR or aVF); amplification of lead signal (0.5, 1X, 2X, 4X) display; and 2-trace cascading. 3 Digital Pulse Oximetry

Digital Pulse Oximetry (SpO2)
Pulse Oximetry determines arterial oxygen saturation levels. Blood pulse detection using patented Serial Autocorrelation technology, or SAC, is an intuitive algorithm that provides superior performance. The unique algorithm is patented and included in all Advisor® monitors.

Sidestream Capnography (CO2)
(Models V9201, V9203, V9204)
Capnography provides a means to assess ventilation, integrity of the airway and breathing circuit and cardiopulmonary function. End Tidal CO2 is the single most important value to assess if an anesthetized patient is breathing correctly and maintaining proper circulation.

Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP)
2 invasive pressure channels for measuring direct arterial pressure, central venous pressure and various other emodynamic parameters.

Temperature (TEMP)
2 temperature channels, adjustable for both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Can be used for various measuring sites, such as sophageal or rectal.


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