Respironics BiPAP S/T-D 30, Recertified

Respironics BiPAP S/T-D 30, Recertified

Brand: Respironics
Item Number: RPSTD30 R
Condition: Recertified
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Respironics BiPAP® S/T-D 30 (STD 30) is the first pressure support ventilator designed for optimal inspiratory and expiratory sensitivity in the presence of mask leaks. It is completely automatic, simplifying noninvasive ventilation.


• Auto-Trak Sensitivity™ Optimum Response Automatically...enables the BiPAP S/T-D 30 to automatically respond to changing breathing patterns and circuit leaks by identifying leaks and adjusting variable sensitivity thresholds for optimum response with every breath.
• Higher Pressure and Flow Ranges A pressure range up to 30 cm H2O and higher flow capabilities allow higher pressure support levels to accommodate more patients.
• Complete Patient Monitoring Airway Pressure Monitor displays real-time airway pressure and offers adjustable high, medium, and low pressure alarms. Digital displays on the Detachable Control Panel provide continuous monitoring of exhaled tidal volume, leak, and IPAP and EPAP levels.


• IPAP: Delivers set pressure continuously
• EPAP: Delivers set pressure continuously
• Modes: Spontaneous, Spontaneous/Timed, Timed,
CPAP Circuit
• Whisper Swivel Continuous Leak Rate
• Airway Pressure Monitor
• Detachable Control Panel
• Display