Quantum Vacuum Mattress

Quantum Vacuum Mattress

Brand: Quantum EMS
Item Number: Q-VAC/M11027
Condition: ImmobilizationSplintsVacuum Mattresses
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Quantum Vacuum Mattress

The Paraid Medical vacuum mattress is a medical device used for the immobilisation of patients, especially in the case of vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma.

The mattress consists of a sealed polymer bag (larger than the human body) that encloses small polystyrene balls. When the mattress is under pressure, the balls are free and mould themselves around the patient, air is pumped out through the valve and the valve closed. The atmospheric pressure presses the balls together and the mattress becomes rigid securing the patient.


  • Available in adult and pediatric sizes
  • Versatile
  • Can be personalised with your logo
  • Packs away into a carry bag
  • Supplied with pump
  • Fitted with carry handles and patient straps
  • Washable
  • X-Ray Translucent