Quantum CPR Easy

Quantum CPR Easy

Brand: Quantum EMS
Item Number: Q-CPR/EAS
Condition: New
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Quantum CPR Easy

The Quantum CPR Easy is designed to help the rescuer perform the most effective and consistent chest compressions on a sudden cardiac arrest victim.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the situation in which the heart stops pumping the blood to the brain and the rest of the body. SCA can strike any person of any age and gender, anywhere, anytime.

Heart attack, respiratory arrest, excessive physical activity, electrocution, drowning, stress are the main causes leading to SCA; especially at work places where the most of daily lifetime is spent.


  • Indicates where on the chest and how fast to perform the compressions.
  • Guides the rescuer about how much force to apply on patient’s chest according to patient’s weight category.
  • Supports with flashing LEDs.
  • States the rate of compressions with clearly audible metronome signals.
  • Light weighted and small sized.
  • Provided with belt pouch accessory enabling mobility.