Newport HT70 Plus Ventilator, Refurbished

Newport HT70 Plus Ventilator, Refurbished

Brand: Newport Medical
Item Number: HT70VENT
Condition: RecertifiedVentilators
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Newport HT70 Plus Ventilator, Refurbished

Comes patient ready & 1-Year GEMS Warranty


  • An on-airway flow sensor provides more choices for ventilation—inspiratory or expiratory monitoring and alarms, flow or pressure trigger.
  • The hot-swappable battery provides up to 10 hours of operation (depending on settings). Batteries can be swapped out on the go for extended operation and added freedom without interrupting ventilation.
  • The Battery Time Estimator provides added peace of mind during transports.
  • Built-in oxygen monitoring and alarms alert users to changes or disruptions when using supplemental oxygen.
  • The Cylinder Use Time Calculator helps estimate how long oxygen will last when on the go.
  • The full-color touch screen provides easy access to all controls, simple navigation and a help guide for added convenience.
  • With its rugged and reliable construction, the ventilator is designed to withstand rough treatment in a wide range of environments.
  • A patented gas generator runs cool and quiet, is gas efficient and provides consistent volume delivery.
  • Advanced features such as Alarm Quickset, custom presets and custom backup ventilation make this an exceptional portable ventilator.


  • Patient Range: Infant/Pediatric (>5kg) - Adult
  • Modes (Pressure or Volume): A/CMV, SIMV/SPONT
  • NIV (Noninvasive ventilation): On/Off in all modes
  • VT (Tidal Volume): 50 to 2,200 mL
  • RR (Respiratory Rate): 1 to 99 b /min
  • i Time (Inspiratory Time): 0.1 to 3.0 sec
  • PEEP/CPAP: 0 to 30 cm H2O/0 to 30 mbar
  • PS (Pressure Support): 0 to 60 cm H2O/0 to 60 mbar*
  • Flow: 6 to 100 L/min
  • I:E Ratio: 1:99 to 3:1
  • PC (Pressure Control): 5 to 60 cm H2O/5 to 60 mbar
  • Ptrig (Sensitivity): -9.9 to 0 cm H2O/-9.9 to 0 mbar
  • Flow Trigger: 0.0 to 10.0 L/min, Off
  • Manual Inflation: 3 sec maximum
  • O2 (oxygen): 21 to 100%
  • Bias Flow: NIV off: 7 L/min w/PEEP / NIV on: 3 to 30 L/min w/PEEP
  • PS Max i time: 0.1 to 3.0 sec
  • PS % Exp. Threshold: 5 to 85%
  • Slope Rise: 1 to 10
  • Flow Wave Pattern: Square or descending
  • Auto Lock function: On/Off
  • Language Selection: Multiple Language Options
  • *PEEP + PS cannot exceed 60 cm H2O/mbar


  • High/Low Airway Pressure: Apnea
  • High/Low Baseline Pressure: High/Low Oxygen
  • High Resp. Rate: Low Battery
  • High/Low Minute Volume: Alarm Silence/Reset
  • Device Alert: Back-up Ventilation Alert
  • High Tidal Volume: Airway Flow Sensor Disconnect

Monitored Parameters

  • Paw (Peak, Mean, Base): VTI / VTE (insp./exp. tidal volume)
  • MVI/ MVE (insp./exp. minute volume): Peak Insp. Flow
  • RR tot (total respiratory rate): Internal Dual Battery System
  • O2 Concentration: I:E Ratio
  • O2 Cylinder Use: Battery Use Time Estimator


  • Width: 9.75 in. (24.74cm)
  • Depth: 11 in. (27.94cm)
  • Height (Includes Handle): 10.25 in. (26.04cm)
  • Weight: 15.4 lbs. (6.9 kg)
  • Touchscreen: 5.2 in. (13.20cm) x 3.9 in (9.90cm)