Laerdal HeadBed II Head Immobilization Device

Laerdal HeadBed II Head Immobilization Device

Brand: Laerdal
Item Number: LA982000
Condition: Head ImmobilizersImmobilization
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The HeadBed II HID coupled with BaXstrap Spineboard and Stifneck Select Collar creates a system in which both the patient and the rescuer can benefit. This water-resistant, disposable head immobilizer provides superior immobilization and the best patient access possible. Disposable, so no equipment recovery costs or clean-up. Effective in various weather conditions. Our patented Dual Adhesive Strap sticks aggressively where needed and releases when necessary. Outstanding patient access for effective assessment without compromising immobilization. Fits adults, children and infants. Fits most other spineboards. Radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible. Latex-free.