KCI / NuTech PlexiPulse SCD, Recertified

Brand: KCI / Acelity
Item Number: 30010B R
Condition: Recertified
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The KCI / NuTech PlexiPulse is a pneumatic sequential compression device (SCD) used to aid blood circulation and increase blood flow to the calf and foot in non-ambulatory or resting patients. The base unit is connected by tubing to inflatable wraps which are placed around the foot and calf area. An LCD display and keypad then control the frequency, intensity & duration of air bladder inflation and release. The PlexiPulse can deliver air pressure to either the right foot, the left foot, or both feet at the same time.

 The base unit is constructed of shock and spill-resistant plastic, has air pressure outputs for two foot wraps, and has an integral bed rail attachment. Using the options button, one may select five different levels of pressure (140-180 mmHg in 10mm increments), and may select the use of either the left or right output or both outputs for two feet at once. Unit hours of use can be viewed or reset for either channel. An audible alarm will sound for a disconnected, damaged, or open external wrap, or for a kinked air hose, and will also sound for a system malfunction. The unit is AC powered only, no internal backup battery. Individual wraps are available for each foot (left or right wraps are different), for the calf, or a combo wrap (left foot and calf, or right foot and calf).




- AC Power Cord
- Operator's Guide
- Letter of Re-Certification
- 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor