O-Two Medical Technologies e700 Transport Ventilator (ea)

Item Number: 01EVE700
Condition: Ventilators
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The e700 ventilator ushers in a “new era” in controlled ventilation for resuscitation and patient transport! These electronically controlled, pneumatically powered ventilators provide a range of ventilation solutions for resuscitation and transport in the pre-hospital and in-hospital healthcare professionals.


Quick Start Default Settings when the device is turned on.
Allows for immediate ventilation of patient based on international guideline recommendations for ventilation rate and volume.

Small, Compact, and Lightweight.
At only 2.4 kg and with a small footprint, the e700 is extremely portable when compared to other devices. Reducing the weight and size of equipment needing to be carried by the rescuer.

Simple to use
The simplicity of the design masks the high level of functionality that this ventilator provides for the rescuer.

Single Control Selector
Simple and convenient selection of patient settings eliminates the confusion of multiple controls.

Wide Patient Range
Providing ventilation from children to adults, the e700 offers the rescuer the versatility in ventilation to met their patients needs.

Multiple Patient Modes
Can be used for all patient resuscitation and transport needs.

Comprehensive Alarm Systems
Provide the rescuer with visual and audible warnings of incorrect ventilations or changes in patient respiratory requirements.

Single Level TFT Screen
With only one screen required to display all parameters, the e700 provides the rescuer with all the pertinent information related to the ventilator performance and patient settings without the need to change the display.

”Real Time” Patient Monitoring
Allows the operator to monitor the patient’s airway and respiratory parameters on the one, convenient, TFT Screen.

Long Battery Life
Provides 18 to 24 hours of continuous use for single long transports or multiple patient interactions.

Universal Mounting Bracket
The adjustable (horizontal/vertical) hand tightened clamp mount allows the operator to mount the “e” ventilator virtually anywhere to facilitate easier transportation of the device.


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