5ft Impervious Vinyl Backboard Strap withSwivel Clip Ends

5ft Impervious Vinyl Backboard Strap withSwivel Clip Ends

Item Number: MOM1310X-BL
Condition: Cot & Stretcher AccessoriesNewRestraints / Straps
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Morrison Medical impervious vinyl straps are intended for securing a patient to equipment such as a backboard or stretcher to prevent further injury during transport. Impervious straps are easily adjusted for a custom fit and can be easily cleaned for repeat use. Straps are constructed of 2" coated polyester vinyl known for it's strength and consistency, impervious straps are fluid resistant and can be cleaned and sanitized more efficiently than standard cloth straps. The impervious webbing material is built with the necessary treatments to survive the harsh outdoor elements, including treatments for anit-mildew, UV and fire resistance.525 pound break strength. Morrison Medical nylon straps are FDA approved and meet KKK Specification